For all sea lovers, water sports and nature. Here you will find all the information to start in the exciting world of commercial diving, scuba diving and freediving. Deck for one or the other depending on your priorities and objectives, discover diving or snorkeling points or destinations or simply learn more and improve your experience in these sports and professions.


Thanks to the new training techniques, more adapted for the general public, the tourism boom in many countries where there is a great diving offer and even diving trips dedicated exclusively to their practice, diving has gained in recent years a large number of amateurs and even professionals who have discovered this world through fun diving.

Actually we could classify into 3 groups the most common types of diving we can practice:

Scuba diving

Learn scuba diving, diving certificates, trips and autonomous diving equipment.

Buceo profesional

How to start, certification, theory, jobs and professional diving equipment.


Safety, advice, training and places to practice freediving.

Although they are not so common, there are also modalities such as technical diving (increasingly common), cave diving or scientific diving. All these diving modalities have very specific characteristics, special equipment or mixtures of gases different from those of conventional diving.


Snorkeling is probably one of the most rewarding outdoor activities that can be done today.

It does not require much equipment or preparation, and it is not necessary to spend large amounts of money. But the most pleasant thing is to be able to enjoy the sensation of peace and tranquility that one feels observing marine life, while being absorbed in the sound of placid and relaxed breathing.

Practicing snorkeling you will discover a new world, you will make the most of your trips and you will also be doing sports while having fun.

In Divingpoint you will find everything you need to start practicing snorkeling . From some basic tips to the snorkeling equipment you can need to start or advance in this world.