Snorkeling equipment

One of the great advantages in practicing the snorkeling is that the equipment necessary for your practice is not expensive or difficult to find.



Fins: surface diving can be practiced perfectly without the need of any element that facilitates the movement, but if we have fins, we will move with more ease and balance. We will eliminate the need to use the arms to move the water, and will make it easier for us to submerge a few meters in apnea.
Depending on the system of footwear of the fins, it is likely that we have to do with some booties that make us more comfortable. This element will also help us to access snorkeling points that can be found between rocks without hurting our feet.

Mask: fundamental element that will fulfill a double function: on the one hand, it will allow us to see what is hidden under the marine surface, and on the other, it will anchor the tube and guide it to the surface.
It is worth making a minimal investment in a good mask, with a comfortable silicone that fits the face not allowing the entry of water, and with a suitable glass that facilitates visibility.

We can also opt for the increasingly well-known Easybreath masks that hit the market thanks to Decathlon and its Tribord brand. Nowadays we can find them in several brands and ranges.

Tube or snorkel: finally, within the basic equipment we can not forget the tube; maybe the cheapest piece, but fundamental in our team, since it will be what allows us to breathe.
As advanced material advisable, optional, and not indispensable, we could add to our equipment:

Neoprene suit: the biggest discomfort that a diver can face is the cold; depending on the warmth of the water, and the time that we are going to use in the practice of snorkeling, it may be advisable to equip with a wetsuit.
Depending on how chilly the diver, they can be purchased in various thicknesses and patterns.

Mesh bag: ideal for transporting and organizing equipment, especially when wet, since it allows drying.

Knife: perhaps the least indispensable, but a small knife or knife can solve the odd entanglement in the practice of surface diving.

In many specialized stores we can find options to purchase kits with basic equipment at reasonable prices.

As for the maintenance of the equipment, you should only try to wash it with fresh water at the end of each activity, and keep it in a dry place and reserved for high temperatures or direct sunlight.