Snorkeling techniques

Snorkeling is an activity in which with very little experience you can move very fast in terms of improving the technique.

For beginners, you just have to consider the following fundamental tips:

  • It is very important to avoid putting the mask on your head when you are not using it, try to wear it around your neck to avoid something very common; its lost.
  • When entering the water, it is best to do it without the fins on; We equip them in shallow water. It is convenient to have tried the mask before and placed the tube.
  • The flutter should be soft and slow; in the water, even on the surface, everything must go slower and calmer. Try fluttering without removing the toe of the fins above the surface, and better use the technique of the frog, or breaststroke style.
  • Breathing is essential; do not stop doing it, but always calmly, slowly, and peacefully.
  • If water enters the tube, do not worry; Perform a strong blow while you take your head, throwing it back.

Now, you only have to choose your destination, and consider snorkeling as one more activity in your trips to the coast.